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out for me, we'll win brown county again! we'll win wisconsin again! we'll win this election! and together, we'll renew those bonds and reaffirm that spirit that makes the united states of america the greatest nation on earth. thank you, wisconsin. get out there and vote! thank you. god bless. >> that was president obama in green bay, wisconsin speaking at his first campaign event since putting his political schedule on hold to deal with hurricane sandy. obama's traveling to las vegas and then on to colorado. governor romney, meanwhile, is in virginia today, after several days of softened language and tempered criticism. today, romney decided he was done playing mr. nice guy. >> the president's proposal in a setting like this is to continue on the same road. he -- he has the campaign slogan which is forward. i saw the signs out front. forward. i think forewarned is a better word. >> meanwhile, much of the eastern seaboard from new jersey to connecticut remains a disaster area as the cleanup continues after hurricane sandy. according to the a.p., the storm is responsible for t
dressing on it find more black and brown people to say the exact same things they believe. they don't believe they need to change their positions on issues. they believe they need to change the decoration. >> i think that's right but i think what has changed is the landscape of the negotiations. and that obama holds some very ear yus and powerful cards he didn't hold before. all he has to do as people have observed, is do nothing and the tax cut expires, and the revenues increase. the fiscal cliff happens but the cliff is a misnomer. you don't drive off the cliff and plunge to your death within ten seconds. you drive off the cliff, and six months later revenues dry up, cuts go into effect. so there's some time there for negotiation. the question really isn't have the republicans change. question is has obama changed? all i have to do is sit here and the revenue comes in the door. >> don't you think -- look at payroll tax cut fight he won on that and took it to the american public. i'm of the think he learned some lessons in the first four years. >> back to what joy says you don't ne
political problem. the notion scott brown would be a frontrunner to replace kerry if he were to tep out of that seat. the democrats have a little more cushion but not a seat that democrats would want to put in jeopardy and that's a mark against kerry. you also have someone very good in the senate in jack reed from rhode island who a lot think would be a great defense secretary. they have options. again to go to chuck hagel, strong people out there for both these jobs. they will fill them well one way or the other. >> and one point, chuck hagel is, of course, ray lahood was a republican but i think ray is probably going to leave as well. chuck hagel would be a great appointment and he's best suited for defense. wouldn't you agree with that? >> i think that's probably right. >> if you have reached a consensus on it -- >> chuck it is. >> i have decided not to leave this position for secretary of defense. i hate to say it now, ahead of the actual -- >> who would be better to take on the military end strum stril complex than you. >> we have to go to break. president obama turns mitt romney's
about john kerry, they want to get scott brown elected in a special election. if john kerry is nominated they could lose a senate seat. a lot of other democrats that say look, president obama should not waste his political capital on susan rice. we have a fiscal cliff, we want to do immigration reform. why have this nasty fight. john kerry has been a loyal deputy to president obama. let him get through here. john kerry gave him the speaking role at the '04 convention, john kerry endorsed him after he lost new hampshire in 2008. john kerry has been loyal. it's his turn. that's the interesting subplot along with the gop attacks on susan rice, not only for how she dealt with benghazi but now susan collins a moderate opening up about her time in the clinton administration back in the late '90s. >> intrigue on capitol hill, mckay. i thought it was because the gop loved john kerry, thought he was the best dude for the job. not anything to do with controlling the senate or having more power. as luke says, this seems to be as nakedly political as anything gets. this is absolutely a target on sus
. chris christie and bob mcdonnell win and two months later scott brown wins later that year they shelack the president in the mid terms. they didn't come up with any ideas, with any strong leaders, they didn't come up with infrastructure, they didn't come up with ways to mobilize the grass roots beyond saying we'll stop obama, pelosi and reid. that glossed over the building of the things they needed. when the president was on the ballot and doing the contrast himself they couldn't win. they have to start doing that. once again, who are the leaders? where are the new ideas that appeal to the ascendent populations? where is the rethinking of how do we stand up to our party and bring them to the center on something like immigration. >> mark, to your point, we did have those new ideas. that's how we built the coalition of success es around the country, elected an alan west and -- >> well but that hasn't served the party. >> obama, pelosi and reid. >> no ideas how to balance the budget. >> you're talking macro. i'm talking micro. i'm talking on the ground in neighborhoods, there's a reason wh
caskill and those are two seats that are going to hold. it's difficult. even up in massachusetts, if scott brown loses, to elizabeth warren, it will be one, because she's a great candidate, but because scott brown was forced by his leadership to say -- to vote for the blunt amendment, something that 90% of massachusettsens thought was probably a joke. so the tea party element that's out there in the primaries and also seems to control the caucuses, is something that republicans are going to have to come to grips with. >> karen, you and i were talking about this earlier, in a place like nevada where shelly berkeley against dean heller, dean heller questioned the legitimacy of the 14th amendment, against the dream act, this is in a state with a sizable latino population. >> that's right. >> the question is, when -- when does the alarm bell get rung? when do people understand this is not a tenable strategy going forward? >> potentially after this election. since 2010, i've long said you can win in these gerrymander districts if you're a tea partier but statewide or nationwide you really can't witho
a couple brown people in front of minorities and say look at that guy and think you can wipe away 30 years of negative messaging. the base of the republican party is anti-immigration, they don't want they consider to be amnesty for the 11 million living in this country. they are going to reject it. so i'm not sure how republicans think that a democratic president signing a dream act will help them. on substantive issues outside of mim i gration the latino population is trending towards democrats on other issues, economic and social. >> that's a good point. if the dream act is signed into law, doesn't president obama get credit for that more so than republicans? >> sure. sure. no look, it's -- when you box yourself into a corner, you're in the corner. you can't all of a sudden not want to be in that corner if you box yourself into that corner. yeah. it's a fact that if president obama signs a dream act, even though it's a bipartisan bill, he will get much of the credit. i disagree a little bit with my dear friend joy in that i think in the whole, latino population in the united states is a
a popular nominee or do we want a deal with john kerry and not get scott brown in again? the whole thing is insane. susan collins, reached back to 1998 to find another example of an intelligence failure. you have to go all the way to 1998? because if you stop along the way -- >> may i add, susan rice may not be implicated in. there are a set of talking points and there is research going on that's circulated to the republicans that she's meeting with before or after the meeting. >> if we go to '98, talk about what the significance of that was. that was hen bin laden came to the fore, we had a sense of who he was, what he was about, one might say, there was a big, glaring, hey, we should pay attention to this guy that the bush administration then ignored. if we're going back to '98, let's move forward and talk about real failures when i don't know 3,000 people were killed. >> or the failure when secretary of state colin powell sold wmds to the world. >> the nfc -- if corker says we hold secretaries of state to a different standard, why wouz condoleezza rice not held to that standard. susan
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)